Tableting Punches and Logos

Logos are an important aspect of ATS identification. Below are tableting punches inserted into the tableting machines to produce some of the myriad logos available on the market. Please go to the identification section of this website for a listing of many logos found in the Asia and Pacific region.

Tableting punches used in the illicit ATS manufacturing process

Below are close-up views of two punch designs, named "Smiley" and "Alien", and the end product. These two logos are common and distributed widely in the region. There are many versions of "Smiley", most often containing MDMA, but also sometimes containing methamphetamine. The "Alien" tablets also usually contain MDMA. Identifying linkages between tableting punches and seized tablets is an effective way to identify trafficking routes and drug syndicates, however at this time the regional sharing of information is fragmented and incomplete in East Asia and Pacific, limiting the ability of law enforcement to control the widespread ATS problem in the reigon.

"Alien" logo, with punches and tablets

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